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How to create an account in SkipLink.net
Click on the sign on the first page in the form below. You will have to enter the information and follow this.
1. Username
2. Email
3. Password
4. Confirm password
5. Confirm that I am not a robot
6. Accept terms and conditions
7. Register
Your account has been successfully activated. You can log in now.

How to shorten the link
When on the home page or on other sub pages You will see our link abbreviation box. Yes, that's a long white box. Just place or type a long link and click Short. Now you can copy a short link. Or shorten other links

How to share links manually
Just go to the link to manage all links. Copy the short link you want to share and paste it wherever you want.

Reference / Partnering
Sharing short links Your is not the only way to make money by clicking You can also invite new people who are invited to receive 10% of the revenue they receive.

How to withdraw money
As our user, you will want to withdraw the funds you receive. Remember that in order to withdraw funds, your profile must be completed. You can do it all the time, fill in all the fields to save your details. Click to withdraw and wait for the transfer. Remember, we pay immediately when you withdraw money.